Who we are

  • ACT Ethiopia Forum (AEF) is a shared platform comprising ACT alliance members operating in Ethiopia to increase their effectiveness and impact of the humanitarian assistance and development through improved coordination.
  • There are nine international and two national members of AEF who signed a Memorandum of Understanding to agree on the terms and conditions of their partnership within the forum.
  • ACT Ethiopia forum has a forum convener and co-convener with one year term, comprised from international and local members and who are responsible for overall coordination of the forum supported by a full time forum coordinator.


Objectives of ACT Ethiopia Forum

The main objective of ACT Ethiopia Forum is to build trust among forum members, increase the effectiveness and impact of the ecumenical humanitarian , development and advocacy works and enhance ACT alliance recognition as a faith based actor through promoting the visibility of humanitarian, development and advocacy work being undertaken by ACT members including:

  • Sharing information on current humanitarian assistance and development programs;
  • Planning, prioritizing and strategizing together;
  • Identifying and planning collaborative programmatic work, including long-term development; advocacy, emergency preparedness, prevention and mitigation;
  • Coordinating appeals and operations on the ground in emergency situations;
  • Mobilizing resource outside the ecumenical family through the presentation of joint proposals;
  • Representing and promoting ACT at the national level to the Federal, Regional and local government, donor organizations, UN and global bodies and the media in Ethiopia;
  • Building the capacity of ACT members through joint trainings and sharing of expertise.


Membership of the ACT Ethiopia Forum

Members of ACT Ethiopia Forum are those members of the ACT Alliance, churches and other church related organizations who are actively engaged in Ethiopia. This includes ACT alliance members which:

  • Have their headquarters or main office in Ethiopia
  • Have an office or official representation in Ethiopia.
  • Come into Ethiopia for not less than a year related to a specific activity. These members are expected to inform the AEF of their plans and to join the forum.
  • ACT Members who do not have a presence in Ethiopia but do support ACT members or programs in the country. These members need to make a self-declaration of interest to engage with the AEF and to fulfil the related obligations to be full members of the forum.